The uncertain future of Warner Brothers

Dylan Barbeau, Features Writer

Being one of the cornerstone film studios of Hollywood, it would seem impossible for Warner Brothers to go bankrupt and die. However, looking at their income and other news, they might be leading to the same fate as 20th Century Fox. The road that might cause their demise began with a slippery slope.

It all started on April 18, when Warner Inc. spun off from its previous partnership with AT&T to join Discovery, mainly known for the educational channel of the same name. They appointed the CEO of Discovery, David Zaslav, to oversee the entire conglomerate. His primary focus was on reality TV and nature shows according to

Since then, the conglomerate has made misstep after misstep. Firstly, they canceled the “Batgirl” film with Brenden Fraiser and a “Scooby Doo” holiday special as tax write-offs. Next, they removed several pieces of original content from HBO Max, the main bulk of cut shows and movies were, strangely, animated. Due to these decisions, WBD lost 3.4 billion dollars within its first quarter alone.

They were in such a tight spot that the last hope was “Black Adam.” Depending on how well the film did would determine the future of both companies, and due to being a superhero film with Dwayne Johnson, it was predicted to be a success. The movie wound up being a major disappointment and a box office flop, losing over 100 million dollars according to Variety.

With all this in mind, the future of Warner Brothers Discovery is uncertain, to say the least. The sheer amount of money they have already lost most likely means they might not make it far into 2023. Or it could get bought by Disney or another massive corporation and further monopolizes Hollywood, which is the worst outcome and would lead to Hollywood having only three big production studios. It might be possible that they can turn it around, but it’s highly unlikely.