WRAL FVHS Voters Choice Awards nomination


Katrina Guillen, News Writer

WRAL has taken the time to feature its top nominations for the Voters Choice Awards. Winners are guaranteed a promotional graphic to highlight their achievements and successes. FVHS is one of the choices for potential winners in the high school education category. Apex Friendship, Broughton, Corinth Holders, and Green Hope are on the list as well. The Voters’ Choice Awards was created to show support towards local businesses, as well as academic institutions. 

There are five categories for the awards: business, food service, community, education, health & wellness, and entertainment. Voters have until Nov. 20 to get their votes in. This gives people in the community an opportunity to show their approval and gratitude towards those who have made a difference in their community. 

The main message that FVHS tries to instill in students is that you should always put people first, even if it’s something as simple as holding the door for another student. Treating people with kindness imparts the fact that we are all equal, and this is what makes FVHS special.

“Something that I hope and am confident will remain, is expecting excellence in all that we do and always putting people first. All decisions made are made with the goal of supporting our people and maintaining a great place to work and learn,” said administrator Kenneth Collishaw.

Principal Terrance McCotter has high expectations for FVHS and has encouraged people in the community and students alike to vote. McCotter has put a lot of effort into keeping the school secure and maintaining its reputation. 

“I am elated that we have been nominated for this award. It is a testament to the support and acknowledgment of our school community that we are working to serve. FVHS is a great school that is a gem in our district and state,” said McCotter. 

All of the staff at FVHS truly have students’ best interests in mind. Their profession requires lots of patience and tolerance, so it’s great to see them do what they need to in order to make students feel safe and accepted. 

The dedication that staff has shown to their students, faculty, and teaching should already say enough. FVHS uplifts students to be open-minded, kind individuals. So regardless if you’re a student here, or simply a resident in Fuquay Varina, voting for this school would help recognize its great accomplishments, and would make the staff here feel proud to do their jobs.