Best and worst fair attractions


Morgan Bligh

Graphic design made by Aynsleigh Penland using Canva’s presentation software

Atlas Clark, Opinions Editor

Now that the 11-day state fair has come to a close, there’s no better time to go over the best and worst attractions at the state fair. Whether it be rides, games, or even food stands, some were definitely better than others. 

Starting with the food, there were dozens of stands with several different kinds of food to choose from. The classic funnel cake is always a safe bet when it comes to fair food. There are also foods that could be considered a meal. Burgers, hot dogs, and corndogs are all on the safer side, although they may cost you more than a funnel cake. However, there are always going to be some questionable food options at any state fair. The most infamous snack is the deep-fried alligator meat. While I have no interest in trying it myself, many people have said it has a rubbery texture with a taste similar to chicken. While it may not be for everyone, there are people who enjoy it. Another treat that only the fearless will try is deep-fried everything. Candy bars, Oreos, cookie dough, you name it, it can be deep fried if you try hard enough. Since most of the foods that end up in the deep fryer are already packed with sugar, I feel like cooking them in straight oil would not make your stomach happy. However, if you happen to be lucky enough to have an iron stomach, by all means, dig in.

Fair games are notorious for being hard to win and sometimes even rigged so you have no chance of winning at all. This didn’t seem to be the case at the state fair. I saw so many people walking around with stuffed animals the size of a small child, and I even won a few prizes myself. Of course, each game is different, and depending on the person, some will be easier than others. I found that the source of most of these bigger prizes was the water gun race. It’s a fairly simple objective; aim the water gun at the target, and be the first to make the alarm go off. Any game with balloon popping involved is also a pretty easy win. I managed to win a total of 3 prizes from these types of games alone. My personal favorite was the booth where the objective is for the worker to accurately guess your age, weight, or birthday. I also won a few prizes just from those booths. All in all, most, if not all of the games, seemed to be pretty simple and for the most part, easy to win at least a small prize.

Rides are usually the main focus of any carnival event. A fan favorite, and my personal favorite, happens to be the Ferris wheel. This year, the state fair had a total of 5 Ferris wheels, the tallest one being almost 145 feet tall. I enjoy the Ferris wheel because it allows for great photo opportunities and the view is incredible. There were plenty of rides for both children and adults this year, giving people of all ages a chance to ride a few rides at the fair.

This year’s state fair definitely had its ups and downs, but overall, the good definitely outweighs the bad. Whether your favorite part of the fair is the food, the games, or the rides, there’s something for everyone at the state fair.