NC State Fair excites students

Maya Kopczak, News Writer

On October 13-23, the NC State Fair brought a lot of attraction as it does every year. Many students from FVHS went to enjoy all that the fair had to offer.  

There was a variety of new foods, games, and rides to offer and many of them got a lot of attention.

Senior Jeremiah Renfroe said, “I feel like most of the games were a scam. Especially the claw machine games because you never win those.” 

Some new foods included the DoriEsquites from Douglas Farms, which is Mexican street corn served in a bag of crushed Doritos. Other options were Korean corn dogs and honey butter chicken fries from GoldenKdog. 

Senior Natasha Torres said, “My favorite food was definitely the frozen cheesecake. It was really good and there was chocolate on top as well.”

There were also a plethora of new rides. Some included the Wave Swinger 2 that swings you around in the air almost like a carousel. There’s also the Air Maxx ride which puts you in the air and spins very fast.  

“My favorite ride at the fair was the one that goes upside down. It was really fun,” said senior Madison Guay. 

They had the usual things that everybody knows and loves like the sky lift and ferris wheel, but they also had some new shows like the Brad Comedy Hypnosis Show and Ember Fire Arts which is a show where people play with fire. 

If you missed out on the fair this year, be sure to come next year through Oct. 12-22.