Teens mourn Queen Elizabeth II death

Maya Kopczak, News Writer

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully in her home at Balmoral, Scotland. A few hours prior, she was put under medical supervision due to concern by her doctors. She later passed away at 96 years old. 

Her funeral was held on Monday, September 19, and over 2,000 people gathered to mourn the loss of the Queen in Westminster Abbey. 

Even though the Queen isn’t American, many people at Fuquay were affected by her death. Senior Natasha Torres said, “I genuinely couldn’t believe the queen died. She has literally been alive for as long as I can remember, and now the world just won’t be the same.”

The entire royal family attended her funeral as well as many world leaders. US President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, attended. Hundreds of people surrounded the Queen’s coffin during the funeral. 

Senior Jade Silvera said, “Her funeral was insane. So many people showed up.”

When the Queen died, “Operation London Bridge ” went into effect, which is code for a choreographed sequence that would occur after her death. The plan was never officially released, but it has been leaked over the years. It was designed to ensure that the news of the Queen’s death would be broken in a dignified manner. 

The plan was about ten days long. On the first day, the royal household notified the public of the Queen’s death and Prince Charles immediately became King. The day following, the King announced a period of royal mourning that was observed for 7 days.

Many people never knew about the operation before her death. 

Senior Mackenzie Behr said, “I’ve never heard of Operation London Bridge, that sounds super interesting.”

The Queen has left a huge mark on the world. With her 70-year reign, she will be remembered as the longest reigning monarch England has ever seen.

King Charles III’s official coronation ceremony will take place in the spring or summer of 2023 following a mourning period for his mother.