Technology makes us more alone

Technology has evolved in many different ways. It has many positive uses but can also cause more negative effects on people the more they use technology.
Technology has evolved in many different ways. It has many positive uses but can also cause more negative effects on people the more they use technology.
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Technology has developed drastically within these past few decades. From the first iPhone in June 2007 to the current iPhone 15, technology has given us the ability to text, watch videos, obtain information, play games and much more. Technology benefits us in various ways but it has also impacted our society drastically over the years.

Over time, more parents have given their children electronics. A survey that was conducted in 2021 showed that 94 percent of children from ages eight to 18 have a smartphone. Giving children electronics at a young age can have many negative effects due to the internet not being completely secure. Children’s exposure to the media can expose them to cyberbullying, unrealistic standards, inappropriate content and violent content. 

“Being on the media at a young age is bad and it makes us addicted to dopamine due to strong stimulants,” said former student at Anahuac University, Anyelo Hernandez-Rosales.

The internet can provide useful information, but it can equally expose us to negative things that may affect us long-term. If you are exposed to violent content, it may cause you to be a more aggressive person or cause children to imitate what they see. According to e-Safety, two in 10 teenagers reported being sent unwanted, inappropriate content, while four in 10 teens have had a negative experience online.

Many people resort to playing games online, talking to strangers, and being on social media for entertainment. Although, when we constantly have a habit of going to our phones for “happiness” or entertainment, it can become an addiction. When you are on your phone, your brain releases a small amount of dopamine, creating a rewarding feeling.

“Now, anyone who creates connections is usually from a friend you already know or social media. Overall, technology has created a more individualistic, dependent society,” said Vanessa Zambala.

Dopamine contributes to your sleep, mood, concentration and movement. Logically, people will continue to go back to what makes them “happy,” which is what can lead to an addiction of using your phone. What you do online may affect your attention span because videos and animations are usually short. People tend to get bored, distracted, and impatient easily when they are not using their phones. 

“Sensory behaviors increase when someone is using technology, and it can take away our perception of reality which is not real but subjective,” said Hernandez-Rosales. 

During quarantine, many people started using technology more for school and communication. It is something they got used to using in their daily lives. Now, children have returned to school and are constantly on their phones instead of interacting with their surroundings. Quarantine and technology have caused us to be isolated from other people, causing younger generations to not socialize as much as others. 

“It has created a social shift and everyone is heavily dependent on phones to guide them,” said Zambala. 

The excessive use of technology has caused people to self-isolate or avoid social interactions. Self-isolation is linked to depression, anxiety, poor sleep, cardiovascular diseases, and low self esteem. This is what causes us to be more alone due to being too focused on technology instead of our surroundings. 

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