Pokemon Go prospers despite “Pay to Play”


“Pokemon Go,” the game that took the world by storm back in 2016 that many thoughts died out, is still going strong with a huge fan base.

The biggest “Pokemon Go” youtuber MYSTIC7 is going strong, with his videos pulling in over 150,000 views a video. It’s not just MYSTIC7, other well-known youtubers in the “Pokemon Go ” community such as  “JTGily” and “Trainer Tips” are ranking over 50,000 views a video.

Even though the community is still prospering does not mean the game is getting better. In the past few years, the game has been becoming more and more pay-to-play.

 “Pokemon Go” is a game well known for its in-game events; however, they have been costing money to just play. It’s not only that, when an event is free there is almost always a bonus or something that costs money.

There are tons more pay-to-play in “Pokemon Go,” for example, quests to unlock rare Pokemon, character customization, Pokemon raid passes, and storage size. “Pokemon Go” is a free game and they need to make money somehow, but the amount of purchase options has gotten out of hand. Even if for the most part the game is playable without spending money, it’s just not as fun because of how big of a part of the game it is.

Something good about “Pokemon Go” is that it changes and updates the game, but they don’t push it, like “Fortnite.” “Fortnite” was a really fun game at the start, but the game developers changed and updated it so much that it doesn’t even feel like the same game anymore. “Pokemon Go” does a good job of sticking to its roots while still adding fun new stuff that would make you pick up the game again and check it out.

In conclusion, “Pokemon Go” is a fun prospering game that has the potential to stay fun for generations to come. They just need to cut down on the number of in-game purchase options.