Who are the greatest champions in all of sports?


Throughout the history of the four major sports in North America, there have been some incredible teams that have won championships. In this piece, we will be taking a look at who I think are the greatest champions of all time.


NFL: 1972 Miami Dolphins

The 1972 Dolphins are the greatest NFL team of all time by default. They are the only team to have won every single game within an NFL season and also led the league in most points for and least points against. To be able to go through an entire season without losing a single game is nearly impossible, but the Dolphins did it. This team is without a doubt the greatest NFL team in the history of the league.


MLB: 1998 New York Yankees

The 1998 Yankees were something else. They were not only dominant in the postseason but steamrolled the competition all year long. They still currently hold the record for the most wins by a team to win a World Series with 114 and had a +309 run differential. This Derek Jeter-led team would lose only 2 postseason games en route to their world championship. With the storied history of the league, it’s hard to determine who the greatest champion of all time is, but in my opinion, this would be the best one. 


NHL: 1984 Edmonton Oilers

There shouldn’t be any debate about the 1985 team being the greatest Stanley Cup champions of all time. They absolutely demolished the competition en route to back-to-back league titles. What made this team great was their ability to score. They were able to break the record for most goals scored in the season prior, but what put this team over the edge was the confidence that they played with. They knew they were the best and they weren’t afraid that you knew it too. It also helped to have the greatest athlete of all time in his prime on your team Wayne Gretzky.


NBA: 1995 Chicago Bulls

This one is the easiest out of the four major sports to determine. If you ask anyone who the greatest basketball team of all time is, the answer universally is the 1995 Bulls. They had the greatest to ever do it in Michael Jordan, along with a star-studded supporting cast that was headlined by Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. Up until the 2015 Warriors, they had the best record in NBA history, but what put this team over the edge was ending their run with an NBA championship, which would be one of six that they would capture during this dynasty. 


It’s crazy to think that the four greatest sports teams of all time played in just a 26-year window in the late 1900s. With all of the talent that currently exists throughout leagues across the country, one of these teams could be given a run for their money very soon.