Brady ride off into the sunset

It’s February of 2002. The New England Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI completing one of the biggest Cinderella runs in NFL history. A young quarterback out of Michigan with the name Tom Brady led the game-winning drive with under a minute left. Over 20 years later, Brady is a seven-time Super Bowl champion and is widely regarded as the best to ever play the position of quarterback.

Brady holds countless records, but here are some of the biggest ones: Most career passing yards with 89,214; most completions with 7,753; most career touchdown passes with 649; and the most fourth-quarter comebacks with 46. In the playoffs, Brady stepped it up to another level. His seven Super Bowls are three more than the closest competitors, and he has been to an astounding 14 conference championship games. In his seven Super Bowl wins, Brady won the  Super Bowl MVP five times which is a record for any player, not just quarterbacks.

Brady´s career isn´t defined by one singular moment, but if you had to pick a specific game that defines the kind of player he was, it would be Super Bowl LI. The Patriots fell behind 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons late in the third quarter. Brady proceeds to then lead a furious comeback, throwing for a total of 466 yards and two touchdowns. The Patriots won the game 34-28 in overtime. This game further solidified the reputation that Brady carried that his teams were never out of any game, regardless of the score and situation. 

While Brady was still playing, he signed a 10-year $375 million contract with FOX to be its number-one game analyst for whenever he decided to retire. Brady has yet to confirm or deny whether or not he will join FOX for this upcoming season. Brady will also most definitely be looking to expand his brand post-retirement. Even though he is retired as a player, Brady will still hold a large presence in the NFL community.

Love him or hate him, NFL fans can’t deny the impact Brady has had on the game of football, and he will surely be missed taking the field on Sundays.