Shelley Duvall’s comeback

Aynsleigh Penland

]It’s been 20 years since Shelley Duvall made an appearance on our movie screens, but the actress is finally back. After retiring from acting, she is to star in an indie horror film “The Forest Hills” directed by Scott Goldberg, alongside Dee Wallace and Edward Furlong. The story follows a young man named Rico who is tormented after suffering head trauma from a trip to the Catskill Mountains. Duvall plays Rico’s mother.

The first film Duvall was in was “Brewster McCloud,” but her breakthrough was in the Robert Altman film “Nashville,” along with her role in the film “3 Women” with Sissy Spacek. Duvall also had her own television show called “Faerie Tale Theater,” where she played a lot of very distinct characters, who were often very eccentric.

She made her debut in the horror genre in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” which came out in 1980. While on the set of the movie, Duvall endured horrible treatment from Kubrick and was put through a lot mentally to get the reaction he wanted, including shooting a scene until her hands were shredded and her eyes were swollen from crying. Kubrick also would ask cast members to ignore Duvall, isolating her from everyone. Although she had a successful career, in 2002 she retired and lived a pretty private life, except for an appearance on Dr. Phil where she talked about some of her struggles. Dr. Phil was widely criticized for exploiting Duvall and taking advantage of her mental illness, treating her as somewhat of a sideshow, Kubrick’s daughter even came out against the host saying it was “appallingly cruel.”

Duvall is a great talent, and it’s sad to see how she was treated by the industry by people who took advantage of her. I hope she’s coming back on her own accord and doing what she loves in a good environment. Although there’s no release date yet, the trailer for ”The Forest Hills” is out online for your viewing pleasure.