Student athlete of the month: Luke Toscano

Senior Luke Toscano, the quarterback for the varsity football team, is our Student-Athlete of the Month.

Toscano has been on the football field for almost as long as he can remember. “I started playing flag football in 1st or 2nd grade,” Toscano said. 

Growing up, sports were a staple for him and he tried out several before settling into football and track as his primary sports. He was naturally drawn to sports by both his parents and other family members, oftentimes going to support his dad who also played football for years. ¨My dad played college hockey at Siena College in NY after playing football and hockey in high school, while my mom was a three-sport athlete in high school herself. She played field hockey, basketball, and softball. While at Saint Rose College in NY, she played on the women’s softball and basketball teams. Lastly, my cousin was the QB for William and Mary College,” said Toscano proudly.

Toscano hopes to attend UNC Chapel Hill and double major in business and political science. He shared that he would like to continue playing intramural sports while in college. “I have run track for three years, and I hope to try lacrosse or other new sports I have not yet tried out,” said Toscano.

As the quarterback of the team, Toscano naturally is in the spotlight, but this wasn’t always the position he played.         “For the majority of my youth I played wide receiver; however, in my last JV game here at Fuquay, an ejection happened, and I got to play quarterback. I guess I just got stuck with that job as I moved into varsity football,” said Toscano. 

Toscano reflected on his best moments overall in his sports career and how he thinks this season will go for the Bengals. “My best moment here as a football player was when we beat Holly Springs in front of thousands of fans. It was my first start so that was a huge morale booster,” shared Toscano. 

Being a senior, there are many last things and reasons for motivation. “I am excited for the rest of the season. I think we have the ability to make a run into the playoffs. As a senior that would be a perfect way to finish my time here,” stated Toscano.