This years Super Bowl included a variety of different commercials, but many were underwhelmed by this years offering.
This year’s Super Bowl included a variety of different commercials, but many were underwhelmed by this year’s offering.
Matthew Carrington

Super Bowl ads weren’t great

The following rankings are based on a mix of creativity, production, how well the product is delivered to the audience and enjoyability

The Super Bowl is a popular time when millions of viewers tune into the finale of the NFL. A huge part of the Super Bowl consists of a wide variety of commercials.

Super Bowl commercials play a big role in the festive feel the event brings in. Companies often spend millions of dollars to advertise to millions of people. 

Junior Owen Hayes said, “For the people who don’t watch the game, commercials give them something to look forward to.”

Overall the 2024 Super Bowl commercials were not as good as the previous years. Students from CTE teacher Georgina Consolo’s class described the commercials as “boring and mid.” 

Coming in at number ten, there’s the DoorDash “All the ads” commercial. This commercial shows all the Super Bowl ads in one. It displayed the product but there isn’t really anything to make it stand out and make it memorable.

At number nine, Is a drumstick ad appearing in an airplane. This commercial shows comedian Eric André front and center and was able to show the product with a few laughs. Ultimately it lacked much creativity.

At number eight we have a Pringles commercial starring Chris Pratt as the Pringles mascot holding and eating the chips throughout the whole ad. This commercial provided great advertising for Pringles, creating an association between Pratt and Pringles. This made number eight because of Chris Pratt’s fame.

At number seven is the T-mobile ad with actor Jason Mamoa. This ad featured Jason Mamoa dancing around singing about T-Mobile’s home internet, while doing backflips. It also starred actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison. It was a really funny advertisement and the message about the product was delivered well. Overall, this was a well-rounded Super Bowl ad.

At number six is the Paramount commercial. This commercial showed the characters who owned the rights of an NFL player Tua Tagovailoa. In the ad, they were stuck at the bottom of the cliff, so they became creative to get to the top. It was a funny ad, and it captured the attention of the audience by having them watch more to see what happens because it had a great hook.

At number five is the Mountain Dew Baja Blast commercial. Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman reunite from their  former show “Parks and Rec.” The commercial displayed both of them riding a dragon while drinking Baja Blast. The main reason why it was chosen as number five was because of the reunion of the “Parks and Rec” show.

At number four is the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial featuring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe. This commercial was a fantastic one that gave the audience good laughs when Affleck burst into the room singing.

For number three, we have a Dinamita commercial. Doritos advertised their new flavor by having a big fight scene featuring two grandmas attempting to retrieve a bag of Dinamita chips that were stolen from them. This commercial was very good production wise and had a nice comedic touch by giving the grandma stereotypes as they are racing for the Dynamita bag.

At number two is the Popeyes commercial. It starts off with Ken Jeong being awakened and going throughout his life with Popeyes. Ken Jeong has a fantastic performance by expressing his love of Popeyes chicken while having humor.

Coming in at number one is the State Farm ad. It was made really well and had the original Jake from State Farm while featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. The commercial was about Arnold mis-pronouncing “neighbor” so they kept having to repeat saying the product catch-phrase. This was number one because of how they directed the advertisement. They gave a fantastic performance as they displayed the product really well.

Overall the Super Bowl gave some very interesting commercials, but none too exciting. Honorable mentions go to Uber Eats “Worth Remembering,” BMW “Talk’in While Walking,” and Budwieser “Old School Delivery.”

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    Jack KellyFeb 22, 2024 at 9:12 am

    I agree with this guy. He seems to really, truly understand the people who watched these ads. I see a truly brilliant future for this young man’s writing career.