The science behind our dreams

The science behind our dreams

The elusive movies in our heads while we sleep, known as dreams, are quite mysterious. 

While we sleep, we go through different stages. These stages are labeled N1, N2, and N3, which are all stages of non-REM sleep. After these stages, REM sleep occurs. REM is an acronym for rapid eye movement. Dreams occur during the REM stage, where the brain is more active. 

Most people dream several times a night. Dreams can consist of memories or be entirely imaginary. Stressful dreams or nightmares can also occur because of current events, past experiences, or fears. 

The characteristics of dreams, such as color, realism, and point of view, all vary from person to person. 

“[My dreams] are more realistic like they could actually happen. Sometimes I am myself, sometimes I am watching myself, sometimes it’s a mixture of both. I think dreams can mean lots of things, and what we dream reflects what is going on in our lives,” stated sophomore Braelynn Wagner. 

The way they look can vary between people as well.

“I feel like maybe they are blue or green. Cooler tones, not as warm,” said junior Ava Mitchell.

Writing down your dreams while you still remember them can aid in deciphering what you think they mean, help with later recollection, and make for some interesting stories. 

Mitchell stated, “I remember some of my dreams, like maybe half. Even then, I only remember bits and pieces. I think maybe keeping track of some dreams could be important, depending on if you think they could have deeper meaning or if they have a special message.”

Dreams have many interpretations and are subjective between people. Past experiences, memories, and life events all play a role in memory recollection and storage. Though we dream multiple times a night, they are forgotten soon after they occur. Dreams are still a mystery to most.

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