Laufey releases new “Bewitched” album

Carson Bilger listening to music.
Carson Bilger listening to music.
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Up-and-coming jazz-pop artist, Laufey (LAY-VAY)  released her second album “Bewitched” on Sept. 8, 2023. 

Laufey’s sophomore album, “Bewitched” has been a hit with fans of all genres, making listeners feel emotions that they didn’t even know existed. The Icelandic singer had been an underground artist for a niche group of people for a few years until 2023. She released the smash-hit single “From The Start,” which went viral on TikTok and surpassed 100 million streams. Laufey then released her second album, “Bewitched.” The album includes 13 songs and an interlude. 

Laufey’s first song on the album is “Dreamer.” “Dreamer” is the perfect song for those with love struggles and with the infatuation of daydreaming. “Let me be a dreamer, Let me float, I can see the whole world, From my own little cloud, Up by the Milky Way, I’ll stay here forever and a day” states the intro lyrics of “Dreamer.” The singer explains that she just wants to separate herself from this sorrow-filled world and just wants to live in the clouds stress-free. Toward the end of the song, she explains that she won’t let anyone shatter her dreams and that she will continue to take forth her ideas. “No boy’s going to kill the dreamer in me,” states Laufey in the song, “Dreamer.”

Laufey’s second song on the album is “Second Best.” When listening to “Second Best,” it makes one feel that you are there in the song and relate to everything even if you haven’t gone through the situation.Oh, you were my everything, I was your second best,” states the chorus of the song. This song makes you feel as though you weren’t the first choice in anything which many listeners relate to. The song later goes on to explain that she has nothing to miss about her ex-lover due to them just focusing on their past relationships. 

Laufey’s third song on the album is “Haunted.” The song commences with a nice and soothing violin that flows into the background of the song.“Haunted” expresses the past feelings that she had for an ex-relationship that follows her that she cherishes. “This will end, ’til he haunts me again” states at the end of the chorus of the song. 

Laufey’s fourth song on the album is “Must Be Love.” The track starts with the artist mentioning that something seems off with her, she seems happier and feels like she’s constantly in a dream. “Come kiss me, convince me, This must be, it must be love,” stated at the end of the chorus. The artist also mentions that feeling this way is rare for her because others ruin her opportunities for happiness. 

Laufey’s fifth song on the album is “While You Were Sleeping.” This track makes one feel that they’re running through an enchanted forest. “That night, something turned in my heart, While you were sleeping, I fell in love,” states the lyrics towards the end of her song. The song expresses how even the little things that he would cause her to fall in love while he was sleeping.

 Junior Naomi Tate stated, “I really loved ‘While You Were Sleeping’ because it was so pretty, and I love the whimsical feeling of it.”

Laufey’s sixth song on the album is “Lovesick.” Listening to “Lovesick,” makes one feel as though you are levitating above the stars due to the quality of this song. “When the gold rays fell on your skin, And my hair got caught in the wind,” states the song at the beginning of the chorus. “Lovesick” is about the singer being extremely attached to her love and whenever she isn’t around him, she starts to feel depressed and “lovesick.” 

Junior Brooke Dilley stated, “My favorite song was ‘Lovesick’ because of her voice and the lyrics.”

Laufey’s seventh song was “California and Me.”  After all those lovey-dovey songs, everything takes a turn when “California and Me” plays. The song is about how after everything the singer’s lover abandoned her and where they lived, leaving everything behind. “Holding back my tears, I couldn’t make you stay,” states Laufey in the chorus. “California and Me” also expresses the feeling of the artist about how this was partially her fault because she didn’t fight for the relationship and due to her young age. 

Senior Anylah Williams said, “My favorite song is ‘California and Me’ because it makes me cry every single time and it is so beautiful, and I love Laufey so much.”

Laufey’s eighth track on the album is “Nocturne (Interlude).” There isn’t much to this track due to it just being an interlude. However, the interlude has a beautiful piano sequence. 

Laufey’s ninth song on the album is “Promise.” The song is for those who struggle with communication and relationships. “I’ve done the math, there’s no solution,” states the bridge of the song. The artist explains her struggles with maintaining her promise of not contacting her partner until she decides to contact him because she misses the sight of her partner. 

Laufey’s tenth song on the album is “From The Start.” If it weren’t for this song, her boom in popularity wouldn’t have happened. This song is about being in the same room as your crush and the feeling of wanting to confess those feelings. “Lovе is driving me a bit insane, Have to get this off my chest, I’m telling you today,” states Laufey at the end of verse three. 

Laufey’s eleventh song on the album is “Misty.” The original song, “Misty” by Errol Garner Trio, has had many renditions, but Laufey’s version is unique in its own way. 

Laufey’s twelfth song on the album is “Serendipity.” This song is one of her calmest ones with piano in the background and her relaxing voice. In the song, the artist is falling in love again, but this time it’s a more serene type of love. “In years when we’re losing our memory, The world’s taken leaps over time, I hope that you’ll look at me like I’m still twenty-three, Hope that you still be mine,” stated at the end of verse two.

Laufey’s thirteenth song on the album is “Letter of My 13 Year Old Self.” “Letter To My 13 Year Old Self” is not for the weak. This song is one that listeners relate to due to it being about her talking to her younger self, that it’s okay that she’s different. “Keep on going with your silly dream, Life is prettier than it may seem,” says the lyrics of the song. 

The last and final song on Laufey’s album is “Bewitched.” The song is about how she feels that she’s under a spell due to her infatuation with her partner. “You wrotе me a note, cast a spell on my heart, And bewitched me,” mentions the lyrics in the refrain. 

The “Bewitched” album by Laufey puts its listeners through an emotional rollercoaster of love and is an overall pleasure to hear.

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