Seniors choose songs that represent their high school career


Sometimes, finding the words to describe things can be hard. People often turn to music in order to express themselves, and listeners can connect and relate to the lyrics. As the school year comes to a close, the class of 2023 might be feeling a variety of emotions. So we asked people what songs represented their four years of high school at FVHS. Maybe these songs can help people understand how high school seniors feel.


Enjoy the Ride – The 502’s

This song was chosen by Mackenzie Knapp, who loves the lyrics, “If nothing comes easy, as long as we’re breathing.” 

Knapp felt empowered by these lyrics and connected them to a life lesson. 

“These lyrics represent that you are going to go through hard times and face defeats, but you can face and overcome anything,” said Knapp. 


My Way – Frank Sinatra

This was chosen by Ryan Seaman who connects with the  line, “The record shows I took the blows and did it my way.” 

Seaman felt this song summed up his time in high school perfectly. 

“I feel like the lyrics describe the high school experience for the majority of people pretty well, and lets people be themselves,” Seaman said. 


Long Story Short – Taylor Swift

This was chosen by Savy Coley, who picked the line, “Pushed from the precipice, climbed right back up the cliff, long story short I survived.”

Coley related to these lyrics through the hardships of these four years. 

 “I feel like it’s very accurate. High school can be tough, but you can get through it all and survive,” said Coley. 


Wake Me Up – Avicii

This was chosen by Bonnie Hernandez, who chose the lyrics, “Well life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes.”

Hernandez chose this song and these lyrics, as a representation of how fast time can fly. 

“I just kinda realized high school went by really fast, and that you just need to live in the moment while you still can,” Hernandez said. 

The Way Life Goes – Lil Uzi Vert

This was picked by Noah Matthews, who chose the lyrics, “I know you’re sad and tired, you got nothing left to give, you’ll find another life to live, I know that you’ll get over it.”

Matthews felt that the song represented the hardships that the class of 2023 had to persevere through during their four years. 

“These lyrics represent the struggles and challenges all of us faced. From learning the halls at Willow Springs to teaching ourselves online during the pandemic. Many of us were sad and tired, but we made it through. We kept moving forward and we were able to make it to where we are today and achieve great things. Even when things got hard, we got over it. Keep pushing for another day. I think Uzi’s song is a good representation that you can get through it,” said Matthews.


Overall, the four years of high school can be tough. However, songs can be an escape for people to express themselves and relate to something.