Graduation fashion needs a change


For years there has been the tradition of high school and college seniors personalizing their graduation caps or outfit.

During the FVHS senior assembly, it was brought to everyone’s attention that nobody could do that. Instead, they sent out a packet explaining what the class of 2023 can and can’t do. 

According to the senior handbook, “No one is allowed to alter attire or add decorations to their cap or gown.” 

For some reason, our school is caring way too much about students wanting to be unique or creative by showing off something that may be sentimental or important to them. By diminishing that, it can be upsetting to some students. 

The very first sentence on the cap and gown section in the senior handbook states that “A graduation is a dignified event and both caps and gowns should always be worn in a dignified manner.”

Who is the school to say that students can’t express themselves in a dignified manner? It’s not hurting anyone as long as it’s positive. People pay for their caps and gowns to just keep them forever so why can’t they do with them what they please?

Everything else regarding graduation makes sense and is fair except for the rule of no clapping. It would make sense if it was a rule to keep students from acting out or saying profanity but they actually “ban” family members from clapping. 

“Graduates who do not wear appropriate attire or violate any WCPSS or FVHS standards of conduct, including guidelines in this handbook, may be removed from the line and may not be allowed to participate in commencement activities.” 

People should be allowed to express their individuality and not be kicked out over it. It’s a small change that should be changed because it hurts nobody, and who doesn’t love to see all of the transformed caps and gowns?