Roaring Bengals seniors leave their mark on Bengal Boulevard


With the school year coming to an end, our school newspaper will begin wrapping up for this year as well. With this year being only our third year of having a published newspaper, we’ve grown leaps and bounds in such a short time. Our staff is mostly composed of seniors, so let’s see where our Roaring Bengals are going and any advice they may have for future generations.


Co-Founder and Layout Editor Aynsleigh Penland plans to attend Meredith College. 

“I’m double majoring in communications and criminal justice. I’m also committed to playing golf,” stated Penland.


Our Features Editor, Atlas Clark, has some big plans of their own.

 “I want to be an environmental scientist. I’m doing a Wake Tech transfer program, so I’ll be transferring to Appalachian State my junior year,” stated Clark.


Another future Mountaineer, Alice Curle, who is our Opinions Editor, has also been making plans.

“I’m going to App State. I’m going to be studying history education. I’m either going to teach at a high school or college level,” said Curle.


Staff writer and photographer Sarah Munzenmaier also has some plans for the next four years.

“I’m going to Lees McRae College to major in communications art and design with a minor in photography, and I’m going to swim there,” said Munzenmaier.


Copy Editor Sam Prestipino plans on going a little further away than everyone else.

“I’m going to the University of Alabama. Currently, my major is news media with a focus on sports or sports management,” stated Prestipino.


One of our original features writers Sasha Kaiser also has some plans for her future.

“I’ll be going to Wake Tech. I want to be a filmmaker and maybe direct movies one day,” stated Kaiser.


Sports Editor Rhys Patterson gives us insight into his future plans.

 “I’m going to Wake Tech for a year and transfer to a four-year college. I haven’t decided on a major, but I’m considering either communications or marketing.”


Maya Kopczak, one of our opinion writers, is also making her way toward Wake Tech this year, 

“I will be going to Wake Tech for cosmetology school,” said Kopczak.


We’re all so proud of our seniors and are thankful for their time and commitment to our newspaper.

The Roaring Bengals was founded in 2020 by Aynsleigh Penland and me. It is the first newspaper our school has had in 11 years.


“The newspaper is like my baby. It makes me feel important that we restarted the newspaper after 11 years. I’m proud of the hard work that we’ve done, spreading awareness of things that would’ve otherwise not been talked about or covered,” stated Penland.


It’s definitely bittersweet to say goodbye to something we’ve devoted so much time and effort to. It makes me proud to see something that started so small be turned into something that will leave a mark at our school.


There are so many on our staff who’ve made a huge impact. Prestipino, who started in the spring of last year was originally a staff writer, then, in the spring of this year, he stepped up as a copy editor.

“Becoming Editor-in-Chief was exciting because it was a new challenge,” stated Prestipino.


Kaiser has also been on the staff for quite some time.

“I joined the Roaring Bengals in my junior year. It’s fun, the people in the newspaper class are very nice, and I enjoy writing and getting published every week. It makes me feel famous,” said Kaiser.


Others, such as Curle, have grown in their writing over time. Curle began her career as a news writer but has since been promoted to Opinions Editor.

“I like being an editor because I’m a senior, so I get to guide the people that are going to be in my position,” said Curle.


With the staff being together all year, we’ve all made some lifelong memories.

“I liked when Jamie wrestled a crocodile,” stated Kaiser. 


Our staff has definitely developed into a family dynamic.

“I feel like at this point the people who are in this class are like a little family, and we all know each other and we work well together,” stated Clark. 


Most of our staff have said their favorite memory was our Journalism National Honor Society induction party.

“My favorite memory is The Quill and Scroll because we got food and got to hang out. It was a good bonding experience for everyone,” stated Patterson.


Overall this has been such a great year for all of our staff. We’re so thankful for our dedicated readers who continue to show their support. We’re also so grateful for everything our seniors have done for us over the years. We would not be here without everyone’s hard work and dedication to the paper. Good luck seniors, and no matter what plans you may have after graduation, you are always a Bengal at heart.