Volleybros is back!


Sarah Munzenmaier, Photographer & Staff Writer

The second annual boys’ volleyball tournament presented by FVHS Student Council took place on Thursday, May 18. The tournament was a food drive event, where you needed to bring canned food to enter the game as a spectator.

Five teams competed, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors A, and seniors B.  The tournament was won by senior B or “Justice League,” made up of Dylan Setzer, Luke Duracinsky, Zachary Gottlieb, Jacob Malia, Jake Hart, Isaac Wallace, Ronin Bugallo, Fabrico Gonzalen, Samuel Prestipino, Nolan Phelan, Zachary Faulkner, Andrew Schneider, and coached by Sophie Behrendt. 

The tournament brought together different types of people for different reasons. 

Junior coach, Kayla Jones, coached last year and returned this year due to her enjoyment of the event in previous years.

“I love doing it, last year was so much fun. It’s always cool to see guys at the school play volleyball, especially when they are good at it. It’s just fun to watch, and fun to coach my grade,” said Jones. 

Junior Nick Clark decided to play in the tournament because of his love for the sport.

“I’ve always loved playing volleyball. It’s probably one of my favorite sports we play whenever I have been in team sports,” said Clark. 

Similarly, freshman Ethan Fairbairn thought that Volleybros was a good way to make a presence, meet new people, and play a sport he likes.

“I decided to play because of two things. I like volleyball, but I also believed it was going to be really fun. Maybe meet some new people and hang out with some of my friends,” said Fairbairn. 

Future Student Council president junior Emily Fairbairn is happy about the opportunity to do something for the community.

“I’m excited to do Volley Bros. It was a lot of fun last year, and I’m happy to do it again this year to help the community out,” said Fairbairn.

Overall the tournament was a fun way to bring the school together and helped the community by collecting canned goods to donate to those in need. Congratulations to the Justice League for bringing home the trophy, and hopefully Student Council will put the event on again next year.