Appreciation week recognizes teachers


This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to recognize and celebrate all our teachers do for us, our school, and our community. Our teachers help us grow and they inspire us into the people we become when we graduate. Teachers play a critical role in driving our success, so it’s important to show our teachers our gratitude.

This year our very own teacher of the year Shelby Cole, ESL teacher, has received a lot of love, not just during this week, but all year round.

“I always get great gifts from my students throughout the year. They were so sweet on my birthday and brought me cards and gifts,” stated Cole.

“On tough days, I love to go back and look at notes from students and that always makes me feel appreciated,” continued Cole.

Cole went on to say that she never expects gifts from students but they’re always appreciated. The most treasured gifts are thoughtful cards from students.

“I have always loved getting thoughtful notes from my students. I try to hang all of them on the wall behind my desk,” stated Cole.

This year, not only are students showing their love, but so is the administration.

“Admin has been so great this year with something different for us every day. They’ve been feeding us and giving us coffee, which is always nice,” said Cole.

It’s important to always support our teachers and even though the week is coming to a close there’s still time to show your teacher you care.

“A lot of teachers love coffee, and it can get expensive. So a Starbucks gift card is great. Really any gift card is awesome. As Teachers always appreciate any thought or effort put into a gift,” stated Cole.

You could also donate school supplies or bring in baked goods for your teacher. With all that our teachers do for us, it’s so important to support and encourage them. There’s still time left this week to pull something together for the people who do so much for us.