Fan favorite HapyValy plays at FVHS prom

Local band, HapyValy, recently lit up the FVHS prom. The band is made up of four of the school’s seniors, which has built up more hype around their prom performance. 

HapyValy is made up of senior Anthony Forzaglia (lead vocals), senior Reed Johnson (bass guitar/vocals), senior Ty Yobs (lead guitar), senior Colin Bidwell (guitarist), and senior Xavier Heggie of Middle Creek (drums). 

It all started at senior sunrise, just before the 2022-2023 school year started. 

“Anthony approached me because he had heard I’m a guitarist. He was looking to get a band together. He had asked if I wanted to jam with them sometime. I agreed and we had great chemistry right away. From then on, we all got more and more into it,” Yobs said. 

After their first performance at Fainting Goat, the band has been accumulating many memories and experiences.

“My favorite memory as of right now is honestly playing at prom. It was a huge moment of us being like, ‘We’re actually doing this,’” Johnson said.

The process of preparing for performances is something that Bidwell loves. 

“My favorite part about being in the band is hanging out with some of my best friends while playing all our favorite music. We all bounce ideas off each other which always gives a new angle to how the song will sound,” Bidwell said.

However, with the majority of the band being seniors, they are racing against the clock.

“We want to do the best we can with the time we have before we all go our separate ways after high school. I hope we can write and release as much material with the time we have left,” Yobs said.

The band has been able to create a certain atmosphere when they perform, one that puts the crowd into a trance. 

“They’re an extremely talented group who have the ability to play just about any genre of music. The group brings a certain energy that will put anyone on their feet dancing and singing along,” senior Bella Lane said.

Catch HapyValy this Saturday, April 29, at Rock the Goat, hosted at Fainting Goat Brewing Company from 1-5 p.m.