Find the “Secret of the Elephants” on new Hulu Documentary


Hulu has created a documentary “Secret of the Elephants.” It’s about elephants, their way of living, and how different types of elephants navigate their everyday lives. The documentary is narrated by Natalie Portman. 

Elephants have been on the earth for over six million years according to the documentary, and we are now finding out how they communicate with each other and the way they look at the world. 

In the first two episodes, we get to see how the savanna elephants find food and water. They also teach their young what they need to do to survive in that climate. Savanna elephants can grow up to be ten feet tall and weigh 13,000 lbs according to the documentary. Elephants use their long trunks for everything, to grab leaves off of trees, to drink water, and to comfort their calves. Elephants have 40,000 muscles in their trunks that they have to learn to use from a young age. 

Male elephants are called bulls, and once they are old enough, they will leave their family to start their own journey, finding their own food and a mate. They brawl with each other to show each other their strength. Older bulls that have a connection with each other roam around together, spending their time together. 

Most elephants live up to 70 years, but rainforest elephants only live for around 48 years. In these episodes, you get to see how the different elephants react to different situations. Dr. Paula Kahumbu studies savanna elephants, but she took the opportunity to see the rainforest elephants. She notices that they are very quiet, eating and moving around, and she sees that they don’t make much sound.  

They are not able to get close to the elephants because they are scared of humans. They think that every human is a poacher trying to take their tusks. Elephants are very intelligent mammals. They can feel vibrations from miles away through their feet. They also show their emotions with each other by using touch. They are always reassuring their calves that they are there and touching other elephants’ heads with their own because they are all a family. 

Most female elephants have their own packs that include their sisters and their children, as well as their own. Female elephants are usually pregnant for 22 months and celebrate their babies once they come.  

Elephants have one inch thick skin and that helps them with the sun that is on them constantly throughout the day. These elephants have emotions just like humans. Once finding out one of their family members has died, they go to where the body is and pay their respects and let other elephants know what has happened.

Asian elephants are different from the savanna elephants. They have plenty of food and water, but they crave salt.

Throughout the episodes, we see different types of elephants and what they go through everyday. Most of them are learning about life, and others are teaching about life. This documentary shows how much humans can connect to these elephants and how they should appreciate them.