Obscure sports coming to Fuquay?


Our school has a great athletic program; however, there are many sports that can be added to our school to make it better and more open to everyone.

The first sport we NEED to add is a boys volleyball team. Boys volleyball is a favorite sport in physical education and teams sports year after year. Not only is volleyball popular in the sports elective classes, but the school boys volleyball club and Volley Bros event both have a great turnout every year.

The next sport the school should implement is water polo. Water polo is a really fun pool sport that would go along perfectly as an extension of the swim team. If you don’t know what water polo is, it’s a team sport similar to soccer and lacrosse but in the water.

Staying on the theme of water sports, the school should get a pool. We got a brand new beautiful building in recent years at Fuquay, my question is, why didn’t we add a pool? A pool at the school would help the swim team, invite other pool sports like aquatic dancing and water polo, and lastly add to the school’s electives.

A huge sport that many local schools have been picking up is hockey. Hockey is a very popular sport in America. Not only is hockey fun to play, but a lot like football, it’s a really fun sport to watch. This will bring in big money to sports funding.

The next sport is ping-pong. Ping-pong is a fun table sport that is already being taught to students in physical education, lifetime sports and free time in team sports. Ping-pong is a great sport for everyone given that you don’t have to be fit to be good at it. Not only that, ping pong is a low budget sport, and the school already has the equipment.

Lastly, dodgeball is another sport that is not only fun to play, but also fun to watch, meaning it will most likely bring in money for the school. Dodgeball is also a good contender for the schools first co-ed sport. And just like ping-pong, the equipment is low cost and the school already has the required equipment.

In conclusion, even though our school has a great athletic program. There are a lot of new sports that the school can implement to better the athletic program.