Nature documentaries for your next Earth Day playlist


Earth Day is probably one of the most underrated holidays in the world, which is pretty concerning as it is a celebration of the very planet we live on. To help give awareness about environmental issues, here are some nature documentaries to get you into the Earth Day spirit for the next time the holiday rolls around. Just note that you may have David Attenborough’s voice stuck in your head.


Planet Earth 1 & 2

This first documentary is possibly the most iconic nature doc of all time, “Planet Earth.” Narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough, “Planet Earth” details animals in their natural environments like never seen before. The original series came in 2006, while the second series was released 10 years later in 2016. 


The Blue Planet & Blue Planet 2

Another Attenborough documentary is one that focuses on animals that live in the oceans. The first show, “The Blue Planet,” actually predates “Planet Earth,” coming out in 2002. However, the sequel show, “Blue Planet 2,” was released after “Planet Earth 2,” which broadcasted in 2017.


Prehistoric Planet 1 & 2

Rounding out the Planet trio, we have  “Prehistoric Planet,” which is if “Planet Earth” was made in the late Cretaceous, 66 million years ago. Produced by Jon Favreau, scored by Hans Zimmer, and once again narrated by Attenborough, the Apple TV+ exclusive dinosaur documentary was released last year and is getting a season 2 this May.


Our Planet

The final documentary with David Attenborough on this list is “Our Planet,” which is more focused on conservation than all the previous ones. Released in 2019, the Netflix show demonstrates how pollution and other man-made factors can negatively impact nature.


Our Great National Parks

Yet another Netflix documentary, but this time it is narrated by former US President Barack Obama. This series details the environments that are protected in national parks around the globe. Like “Our Planet,” it has a large focus on conservation.


While obviously, you don’t have to share awareness solely on Earth Day, in fact, it’s preferred you do it year-round. However, if you just want to spend next Earth Day sitting back and watching something, might as well pick something that is fitting for the day.