Kings League is similar to soccer but with different rules

In 2022  Gerard Piqué Bernabeu, a well-known professional soccer player that played for Futbol Club Barcelona, also known for dating the Colombian singer Shakira,  created a new league with the same concepts as soccer but with a few twists. The league is called Kings League. One of the changes is that instead of the normal amount of 11 players per team, it will be seven in this league. There will be 12 teams total with only two seasons, summer and winter.

The rules are similar to soccer, but it still has a few other twists to it, like if there’s a penalty shoot-out it’s taken in the center of the field due to the field being smaller than a regular-sized soccer field. There are also an unlimited amount of substitutions instead of there being only five allowed usually. The meaning of cards is also different in this game. A yellow card means a two-minute suspension and a red card is a five-minute suspension. Each team also gets to use Video Assistant Referee once, meaning if a player sees a foul, handball, or a goal that no one else saw, then with VAR the referee will go check the camera to see if the player is right. If what they say is wrong, then they will no longer have permission to use VAR for the rest of the game. If what they say is true, then they will continue being able to use VAR.

There is even a league for women called the Queens League, along with one for kids called the Prince League. Both were created shortly after the King’s League.

Lately, this league has been very successful with a lot of sponsors, and even legend Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, or known as Ronaldinho came out and played in a match.

The winter season just ended in March with spectacular results due to the number of talented players.  Even professional soccer players have been interested in this league. Unfortunately, when it comes to views, its 1.3 million peak is nothing compared to the major soccer leagues like the Champions League which averages 400 million viewers.

It’s worth a watch when it comes back in the summer because it still brings that same excitement as when you watch a soccer game, and it has a similar feel to street soccer. Even if you don’t like soccer, it’s still worth a try.