Water Wars ’23

Anna-Grace Medlin, Editor-in-Chief

Last year a group of seniors here at FVHS put together Water Wars for the graduating class of 2022. It was such a hit that we’ll be doing it again for this year’s seniors.

On April 10, the Instagram account which facilitates the games was created by an anonymous senior. This account lists the rules, teams, and important information regarding this fun game.

Basically, Water Wars is an annual tradition here at FVHS that involves the seniors in a massive water gun fight. The way it works is you must compile a team of six people and the facilitators of the tournament will create a bracket of which teams you will face. Each team will go head-to-head with an opposing team for a week and the team with the most men standing wins. The way you get someone out or “kill off” an opposing team member is by shooting them with a water gun. The only part of the body off limits is the feet.

If you didn’t follow the tournament last year, here’s how it goes: As many people that want to participate may. The teams will consist of six people, and each team will have a team name and team captain. The teams are made by the students, so if you’d like to participate you must come up with your own team. The teams need to be submitted by April 21.

Each player must submit their Snapchat handle and a picture of themselves. You may only use water guns or water balloons, and they can only be filled with water. Your Snapchat location is required to be on for opposing teams. The location must be active and updated for at least three hours unless you are at work or sleeping.

You can’t kill someone if they are at work, but once they clock out, they are fair game. You also can’t kill anyone if they are in a store or restaurant but once they walk out of the doors you can open fire.

All school-related events are off-limits. No one may be killed in the school or parking lot, no matter what. You can’t kill anyone who is at practice or walking to practice. The school will always be a safe zone including any sporting or school-related events.

As far as proof of a kill, you must video yourself shooting someone or else it doesn’t count. You have to shoot above the ankles. Face and head aren’t off-limits.

You absolutely can’t shoot someone while they’re driving, force them out of their car, or block their car from leaving.

You can’t enter an opposing team member’s home unless you explain to the homeowners why you want to enter, and you have to have video proof of their expressed permission. If someone’s car is unlocked, you may enter.

To enter the tournament there is a $5 fee that your team captain is responsible for holding. The winning team is awarded the money at the end of the tournament.

If someone on your team is sick or out of town during the time period of your round, then someone on the team gets two lives.

It is important to remember that FVHS is not affiliated with this tournament and you are responsible for your own decisions and actions.

Now if you’re wondering how to sign up, it’s simple. Find a team of six seniors, choose a captain, come up with a team name, and submit it to the WaterWars23 Instagram account.

There isn’t currently a certain number of teams due to the amount changing so fast, but if it’s anywhere near as popular as last year, you can expect close to 20 teams.

Don’t forget to follow the Instagram account to stay up to date on all of the latest Water Wars news.