Another unnecessary movie remake

Sasha Kaiser, Features Writer

It seems like nowadays many directors are at a loss for their own ideas and are looking back on movies of the past for inspiration. For better or for worse, many directors are remaking classic films, and many viewers have noticed this and are starting to take issue with it.

Recently, horror fans were left shocked when it was announced that the infamous pseudo-gore mockumentary “Faces Of the Death” would be getting a remake. The film scared audiences because when it first came out it was labeled as a real documentary featuring real deaths, but now, it’s looking to be remade with Barbie Ferreira and Dacre Montgomery. 

With this shocking remake, and others sure to come, people are wondering if the movie business really is running out of ideas, and maybe they’re right. Nowadays it seems like a lot of companies are rolling out remakes or sequels. Movies like “Grease” are even becoming TV shows. I can think of a few reasons this could be happening, the main one being that original movie that isn’t Marvel aren’t going to do as well in theaters, especially horror films. But, if you rely on people’s nostalgia and things that were already hits or controversial, then you can pretty much guarantee that people will watch it. 

Although I think remakes are fun sometimes, I do hope that we can see more new ideas in theaters. But if we continue the remake trend, then be ready for all the “Cocaine Bear” remakes.