Destress with calming video games

Patrick Eckert, Opinions Writer

Video games are a fun way to release the stress of the day by sitting down in front of a screen and entering a virtual world. However, you may be wondering what are some calming video games to play.

Different things unstress different people. Some people may calm down by playing shooter games like “Call of Duty.” However this article is going to focus on more peaceful, calming games.

First up is “Stardew Valley.” This is a game where you inherit a farm from your grandfather and your main objective is to do upkeep on the farm. Farming is far from the only thing you can do in this game. You can talk and raise your friendship with the townspeople, go mining, fishing, and much more. This game also has great adaptive music that never gets old.

Next up is the number one sandbox game “Minecraft.” This is a game where you can build and do pretty much anything. There is a goal to the game, which is to beat the final boss known as the Ender Dragon, but the game never really ends. One thing about this game that may not be the most peaceful is the survival aspect of the game. However, there are many ways around this. The first way around it is to play in creative mode, which can best be described as “god mode,” where you can do and access anything in the game within minutes. If you still want to play through the game without the fear of monsters and harm to your character you can just play peaceful mode. Peaceful mode removes all hostile entities and makes it so your character is almost invisible.

Last is “Animal Crossing.” This game shares a lot of similarities with “Stardew Valley” in the way that you can talk to and further your friendship with the townspeople and you work to improve your land and community, and many more similarities. However the thing that sets “Animal Crossing” apart is the real life wait time. In “Animal Crossing” events and the time it takes to build and upgrade buildings take real life time. However, unlike the other two games that are on all mainstream consoles, this game is only on Nintendo devices.

These games offer a good, stress free time all with great adaptive music and overall gameplay. It’s very easy to see the similarities between these games which gives the impression there is a set formula to making relaxing video games. I highly recommend these three games. They are games any type of person can enjoy.