Wrestling is real to the heart

The events of the show “Breaking Bad” aren’t real. The events of the Star Wars movies and the Harry Potter franchise also aren’t real, yet nobody will belittle you if you enjoy these fake pieces of fiction. However, if you enjoy wrestling, specifically WWE, you might get people telling you that it’s all fake. The reason for this is because of how WWE is treated compared to other fictional works.

Despite how goofy the events happening in WWE can be, the show does still have some layer of reality to it compared to something like “Breaking Bad” which is very much filmed like a show would be. Nowadays, everyone knows the events in WWE are staged, but that does not stop the enjoyment fans get from watching it.

One of the main things fans love about WWE is the storytelling within it. Even if you know the stories are staged, you can’t help but be entertained when a famous wrestler like The Undertaker appears in WWE. The storylines are dynamic and constantly evolving, keeping fans invested in the characters and the action. These storylines are not just limited to in-ring action but also incorporate backstage segments, interviews, and even social media interactions.

The wrestlers in WWE serve their parts as characters too. They are not just random wrestlers, they have unique personalities, motivations, and some may even have backstories. From the heroic John Cena to the villainous Triple H, every wrestler has a distinct persona that resonates with the audience. 

In the end, it does not matter that WWE is staged. If you think about WWE as a sort of play in a theater, then there’s no doubt anyone could find enjoyment within it. The problem only arises when people try to look at it like soccer or basketball. Just relax and enjoy the ridiculous nonsense that happens during it.