“Dilbert” comic faces backlash after racist comments from series creator


Aynsleigh Penland

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The once-popular comic strip “Dilbert” has been pulled from nearly every news publication following an interview with the series creator Scott Adams. In this interview, he made some extremely racist comments towards black Americans warning white Americans that they need to separate from “the terrorist organization of black America.”
Obviously, this generated major amounts of backlash, and almost every news publication that carried his comic dropped it. This event caused many political cartoonists to depict Adams’s characters in a negative light, such as his character Dilbert dressed as a KKK member. This level of backlash is well expected-after something like this.

 But Adams wasn’t having it, calling blame on all media as the origin of this hate as opposed to his extensive past of racist remarks. 

Adams claimed that “I intentionally courted controversy. I was trying to attract attention so that I could have a productive argument …only white people seemed upset.”  Adams claims that he was simply saying these things to attract attention to the fact that racism is, shockingly, not the greatest thing.
Sadly, the comic may never return again. “Dilbert” was around for 34 years, starting in 1989, and was published by a total of 2000 newspapers. With a run that long, it’s hard to see it go. Then again, aside from me, the main demographic is really boring old people, so maybe it’s good that Dilbert’s lost its slot.