Ghostface returns to theaters


Aynsleigh Penland

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Sasha Kaiser, Features Writer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the “Scream” franchise. Possibly one of the most popular and mainstream horror flicks, Ghostface has made its way into the hearts of many film lovers all over the world. Last year, “Scream V” came out, and now it’s time for “Scream VI,” but this time without their usual star. 

The “Scream” franchise started in 1996 with the first film being directed by Wes Craven and has had success with every movie released under the title. The main factors that connect these movies are Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott and the killer being Ghostface, but this time, Jenna Ortega is taking Neve Campbell’s spot. After an insufficient pay offer, Neve Campbell stepped away from the films, and Jenna Ortega is now the big star. 

This new “Scream” movie will take place in New York City, as the four survivors of the last movie leave Woodsboro for a new start. As a big fan of “Scream,” I’m weary about the direction the movies are going in. Losing the film’s biggest star and main character probably isn’t a good omen, especially when “Halloween” could get Jamie Lee Curtis to stay for all of those movies. I think the franchise needs to come to an end soon, but no one wants to actually do that since there’s still a lot of money to be made off of it. But it’s getting boring. Ortega is a great actress, but I was left unimpressed by “Scream 5” and ready for the film to be over.

Maybe “Scream VI” will be great and maybe I’m wrong. Either way, Ghostface has already hit theaters and is ready to slash his way into your hearts.