Connecting with each other and with artists

Music has been around since the beginning of time. There are different types of music such as reggae, pop, hip-hop, alternative, and so much more. There are many different types of artists in the music industry, like Sza, Jay-Z, Rosalía, and Justin Bieber. 

Music inspires joy in people all around the world and has spoken to so many people throughout history. Musicians express how they feel and what is happening at that moment through their songs. Their songs also start as poems that they turn into songs. 

Senior Alahna Theys has more of a connection to rock than any other music genre. 

 “A music style I could never get tired of is rock because I’ve enjoyed it the most,” Theys said. 

There are a lot of reasons to like a certain genre and to have a big variety in that same genre.

“Rock is evolving and there are sub-categories that you can go into, such as funk-rock, death metal and then there’s grunge, all different but all have the same basic underline of guitar,” said Theys.

Many people have different opinions on what type of music they like and lean towards the ones that are relatable. 

Musicians write about how they are feeling at that moment and for someone to relate to what they are writing means that not everyone is going through something alone. 

“[What makes this genre interesting is] The realness of what they write about, in each genre, there are different topics. Like in RnB, it’s about break ups, love affairs, and loving, it’s very emotional. But rock is more aggressive and angry, and a lot of times what they sing about is darker, more untalked about, and I connect to that,” Theys said. 

There are a lot of reasons to not like other genres of music. Maybe you don’t think the music is that good, or everyone in that genre sounds the same. 

“I don’t like Olivia Rodrigo, because her songs are overplayed,” Theys said. 

Everyone has a specific favorite music genre, but it is a good thing to look for something new.

“I think it depends on what you’re looking for,” Theys said.  

Junior Ana Hines has two music styles she can never live without.

 “I could never get tired of hip-hop and Christian,” Hines said.

 Music helps us with worldly problems just by being there to help us through that situation. We always know that it will be there. 

“The mash-up of hip-hop and Christian music is one of my favorites because the songs relax me when I’m having a bad day,” Hines said.

Many people are trend followers and listening to the latest music artist is one of them. Sometimes people don’t like to express themselves to others about their music because they feel as if the person will not like their opinion or judge them. 

“I don’t like Drake. I’m not a big fan of the type of music he makes,” Hines said.  

There are a lot of musicians that have amazing singing careers that inspire people to do their best. 

“I would recommend Rihanna because her music is really good,” Hines said. 

There are many musicians in the world and they have a big impact on our everyday life. We can not go through a day without listening to music. It brings us joy and lets us connect with the artist.