Artificial intelligence threatens artists with Armageddon

A new big trend surrounding artificial intelligence has recently started throughout the internet. People are using AI programs online to do things that would normally be exclusive to humans, things that require creativity. Using AI to write stories surprised many, but what’s got more people flabbergasted is AI art.  It has swept the cyber world by storm, intriguing most who learn about it.

AI can now generate any art you can think of with a simple prompt, and it’s been getting more and more difficult to differentiate the art from that of actual artists. Some of these AI can even replicate certain artists’ styles. It’s mightily impressive, but also very dangerous, especially for artists who make a living off their art. If these robotic artists keep improving, then artists could potentially get replaced completely. 

AI Art could potentially flood the art market, reducing the value of original creative artworks and making it harder for artists to stay afloat in this world. Why pay for a commission from an artist when you could give a robot a prompt and get art that looks nearly as good, if not just as good? 

This has gotten a lot of artists, new and old, worried. People worry that AI-generated art lacks the emotional depth and human touch of traditional art. They feel that AI art is too formulaic or that it diminishes the value of human creativity and skill. This goes for other creative careers that AI is slowly taking over, like creative writing. 

However, not everyone sees this new trend as a doomsday scenario. Many enjoy using AI casually to create comedic art that purposefully looks bad or art that they couldn’t otherwise get or make themselves. It’s a helpful tool for those that can’t commission an artist to make something, but once again it endangers the world of art and the artists themselves. 

Despite this technology being some of the most impressive advances we have seen in years towards artificial intelligence, there is a big chance that if this continues it will completely replace all careers related to the creativity of man. If AI can generate beautiful artwork and interesting stories, what’s stopping it from evolving further and further?

Whether this new tool is just something to mess around with or something that will bring forth the apocalypse is up to each person. But what is certain is that technology is evolving in an unexpected and swift way. All people can do is pray that Skynet isn’t created as a result of all this robotic tampering.