Underdog flavors need a chance to shine

Keenen Langley, Opinions Writer

Consumers are always looking for something new to satisfy their pallets. While the shelves of our local supermarkets may be filled with a plethora of junk food and soda options, it’s safe to say that not many of them are bold or unexpected.

Here’s where the wild and unexpected flavors in junk food and soda come in. From bacon soda to hot dog pringles, there isn’t an end to the amount of bizarre flavors manufacturers have given their junk food, although it may be difficult to find them due to their unpopularity.

There are many reasons why unfitting flavors should be added to junk food despite how infamous they are.
The first reason is that it adds a layer of excitement to the food we eat. Eating the same junk food over and over can get boring if you get the same flavor every time. Introducing more unexpected flavors can give consumers something new to spice up their unhealthy eating habits. 

Another reason is that it can encourage more creativity and risk-taking within the food industry. A flavor that seems like it would be terrible could actually become a fan favorite, even if it takes a thousand bad-tasting chips to get to that miracle flavor like the dill pickle lays chips. They were supposed to be a small-time thing but ended up making it big among consumers.

Finally, a wild flavor can be a good marketing tool. The shock value from seeing something like Pepsi Peeps can grab the attention of many, and even if they don’t go out of their way to buy the drink, it can still remind them that that company exists.

There is one problem with these bizarre flavors. Nine times out of ten, they usually taste awful. Mixing these junk foods with things like bacon or pickle flavoring can easily lead to a situation where you are mixing orange juice with toothpaste. It’s more profitable to just manufacture the chips and soda people like instead of trying to mix them up. 

Don’t be scared to try something new, however. Next time you see something unexpected on the snack aisle, like Peep’s Pepsi, think about buying it and trying it out. If you are feeling especially devious try buying something wild for your friends to eat, there’s a good chance it’ll shake up their world.