The history of Valentines Day

Caitlyn Horton, Features Writer

On Feb. 14, everyone will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. On this day most will be spreading love with their gift giving, dinners and spending time with one another. It is one of the most celebrated holidays.

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for centuries, but it did not start as a loving holiday. It originated as a Christian feast day honoring an early Christian martyr named Saint Valentine.

 In some Valentine traditions, people believed that Saint Valentine was thrown in prison because he performed weddings for Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Now new traditions are being performed to give Valentine cards to your loved ones. 

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether it’s giving chocolates to someone you love or going out to enjoy time together. 

Recreating your first date and going out to eat a fancy dinner is common on Valentines. 

Valentine’s isn’t just about couples, it could also be about friendship and showing each other how much you care about one other. 

 Not everyone has someone to celebrate with on Valentine’s Day. People who are single can also make Valentine’s a singles day by treating themselves, giving each other friendly gifts, or having a dinner party with all single friends celebrating a day of loving.

 Valentine’s Day is about surrounding yourself with people you love or just by having a good time by yourself. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and you can always start new traditions for future years.

Senior Luz Popoca-Campos thinks Valentine’s Day is meaningful.

 “When people have a partner and they show their love that holds value” said Popoca-Campos. 

Popoca-Campos doesn’t have any plans this Valentine’s Day. 

“My family and I go out to a restaurant, but I don’t know about this year,” Popoca-Campos said.  

Another senior Serenity Smith also thinks Valentine’s Day is special.

 “Valentines is significant because we should all share our love with each other,” Smith said. 

Not many people have traditions for Valentine’s Day. 

“Last tradition I had for Valentine’s Day was when I was forced to give other kids candy in elementary school,” Smith said. 

Once Valentines comes around, seeing the couples in your life show each other love is also important.

 “Couples in your life like your parents or grandparents that really love each other giving each other gifts is a great way of showing their affection,” Smith said.