Animals that no one expects to have malicious intent

Since man created the concept of morality, it would be unfair to judge wild animals by these principles. However, if we could suspend our disbelief and apply human morality to animals, some of the creatures society deems ‘cute’ actually turn out pretty evil. If it weren’t for pop culture propelling some of them, the public view of them would be drastically different.



If one would google ‘evil dolphins’ they would quickly realize dolphins aren’t the same lovable goofballs as seen on “Flipper.” Some of the felonies dolphins regularly commit include infanticide, killing baby porpoises for fun, torturing sharks for fun, getting elevated off pufferfish toxins, and even desecrating decapitated fish heads. Then there’s the larger version of the dolphin, killer whales, or orcas. Despite what is shown in “Free Willy,” orcas are pretty sadistic, from killing animals for sport to cannon-putting seals to the point their skin rips off. They’re so bad that great white sharks have been known to leave their territory for years if an orca shows up.



It’s pretty common knowledge nowadays that hippos are some of the most vicious and deadly animals in the world. However, recent studies have shown that wild hippos have been known to eat animals. They have documented gorging on antelope, zebras, and even other hippos. It wouldn’t be so bad if those animals were already dead, but a hippo was shown killing an antelope for no discernable reason. Like dolphins, they also resort to infanticide. 



While widely known for being our closest relatives, what more people need to realize is that it’s unsettling how close these primates were to early man. For example, they use spears to hunt bush babies by stabbing them and removing them from hollow trees. Chimps are also the great ape that will resort to cannibalism the most often. During territorial disputes, they also violently maul each other, usually aiming for the face and waist. That’s not accounting for recorded attacks on humans, including one over a birthday cake.



They may look like an extra fancy horses like in “Racing Stripes,” but zebras cause more zookeeper injuries than animals like big cats. Being more related to wild donkeys than horses, zebras have to deal with lions, cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles, and more. Thus, they became spontaneous and aggressive because they have the mindset of being constantly hunted. If a male zebra finds a baby that he suspects isn’t his, he will commit infanticide.


Animals come in all shapes and sizes and will leave you alone if you keep your distance. Just know that despite appearances and public perception, you should be afraid of a lot of animals that are thought of as cuter than some predators.