Reviewing division winners

With the NFL regular season wrapped up, here is how the playoff picture is looking. In the AFC, the Bengals, Jaguars, Chiefs, and Bills are projected to be division winners. Meanwhile, in the NFC, the Eagles, 49ers, Vikings, and Buccaneers are expected to take home respective division championships. Let’s take a closer look at each of these teams and their chances of making it to Super Bowl LVI.

The Bengals have shown that they can compete with anyone this season. Led by quarterback Joe Burrow and running back Joe Mixon, this offense is bolstered by a strong defense featuring Geno Atkins and Jessie Bates III. They have put together an impressive 12-4 record so far this season. With wins against the Buccaneers and the Patriots, they should have plenty of momentum coming into the playoffs.

The Jaguars have also been impressive this year under head coach Doug Peterson. They have gone 9-8 so far this season with quarterback Trevor Lawrence leading the way on offense. With two final regular season wins over the Titans and the Cowboys. They should have enough momentum heading into the playoffs.

The Chiefs come into the playoffs with a 14-3 record thanks to MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes who has had an incredible year, throwing for over 4500 yards already this season. The Chiefs faced off against the Texans before ending their regular season against the Raiders. They were able to secure four easy wins and giving them plenty of momentum heading into postseason play.

Finally, the Bills have been one of the most consistent teams all season long thanks largely to quarterback Josh Allen who has thrown for over 3000 yards so far this year with 27 touchdowns compared to just 10 interceptions. The Bills were able to continue their winning ways and come out victorious against Miami and New England.

Moving onto the NFC now where we find four very different contenders vying for three division titles- the Eagles, 49ers, Vikings, and Buccaneers all have legitimate shots at making it into postseason play this year. All four teams have had ups and downs throughout this campaign but right now it looks like Philadelphia holds a slight edge over San Francisco as well as Minnesota while Tampa Bay has the win in their own division.

As we near closer to Super Bowl LVI there is still plenty up in the air when it comes to which teams will make it there from each conference but one thing is certain, expect some exciting finishes from these top contenders as they try to solidify their positions ahead of what promises to be an exciting ride through January.