Watching M3GAN, initial and after thoughts


Maya Kopczak, Opinions Writer

M3GAN was released in theaters on Jan. 6, 2023, and has taken the world by storm. So many people are obsessed with this movie that it already has a cult following.

I wanted to keep an open mind for this movie before I watched it. I hardly know what it’s about, but I do think I’ll hate it based on the small number of things I’ve seen about it.

Once I heard Jenna Davis’s (the girl who voices M3GAN) rendition of “Titanium” by David Guetta, featuring Sia, I was immediately taken back to that meme of her singing “Penny Nickel Dime” in 2018. There is just something about her voice that irks me and makes me want to drive my head into a wall. 

Not only was it the soundtrack that made me question how we were doing as a society, it was also the way that they decided to promote this movie. It was basically the equivalent of what “Smile” (2022) did to promote their movie. 

Back in October 2022, Paramount hired people to just stand up and give creepy grins in random places like baseball stadiums. The marketing tactic worked and it went viral on social media. Everyone thought that “Smile” would be this amazing movie that would be better than that abomination of a movie “Truth or Dare” (2018), but was it really? 

Now back to “M3GAN,” the marketing campaign was… something else. I had first seen it on Tiktok, and it was a video of at least 10 M3GANs dancing in unison. There is also another video of eight M3GAN dancing to Taylor Swift on the red carpet. Like how could you disrespect Taylor that much?

Now mind you, I haven’t even watched the trailer for this movie yet. All of my knowledge about it is completely based on marketing and social media that I’ve seen.

While I waited for the right time to watch the movie, the main thing my peers told me was that the movie was hilarious, that they were laughing until they couldn’t breathe, and that it wasn’t a horror movie but it was more a “funny horror drama.” So I decided to have a slightly more open mind. 

The movie is basically about a scientist named Gemma. Her sister and sister’s husband recently died in a car accident, so she has to take her niece Cady in. Gemma has basically no idea how to parent a child so she decides to make M3GAN to teach, play, and hang out with Cady. After a while, the doll starts to act very weirdly and causes major issues. 

I will have to say there were some funny points in the movie where I did laugh but it was nothing crazy. They were just Gen Z-type jokes that’ll be dated in less than two years. This is one of those movies where if you watch it in 5 years, you’ll 100 percent know what year it was made. 

There were points in the movie when the doll just randomly sang or danced. It was wildly confusing to watch because it was just out of nowhere. I’m just gonna give Gerard Johnstone (the director) the benefit of the doubt because maybe he wanted viewers to feel uncomfortable. 

In the movie, there’s a small irony between parental controls and screen time. They touch on the topic that originally the M3GAN doll had no parental controls, and then Gemma created some because Cady was acting out.

It’s just a little bit of a twisted thought of the comparison between a normal child crying about wanting more screen time on a tablet versus Cady trying to stab Gemma with a knife for turning off M3GAN. 

In my personal opinion I feel like this movie promotes bad parenting, and then doesn’t even explain anything. There were at least four plot holes where I still have no idea what happened. 

The director confirmed that there will be a sequel for the movie so that could explain some plot holes, but does the world really need a second “M3GAN” movie?