Horror fans fear for Shudder


Recently, the streaming platform Shudder has risen to fame. Horror fans all over the world are tuned in to the Amazon addition. But now, AMC has decided to cut some extra costs, leaving Shudder in the dust. Since this decision, fans are fearful of what may become of the platform, will it just fizzle out? Or maybe it will stand on its own since it has such a dedicated fan base? Either way, the uproar this has caused is unimaginable.

It sounds sort of funny that a streaming platform based around scary stories is going through its own horror story, but it’s true. Shudder has become the main horror streaming platform, with shows like “Dragula” and movies such as “Train to Busan” lovers of the genre can find anything they’re into, from old horror classics that maybe you missed, to newer, experimental films. The platform also is made by fans, for fans, and is put together in an easy-to-navigate way.

Horror has been a really important genre since the beginning of cinema, and what’s really important about it is the community aspect. Shudder knows this, which is why so many community events are held on the platform. The most popular event is “The Last-Drive in with Joe Bob Briggs,” which is a personal favorite of mine. Joe Bob Briggs is an iconic horror movie host brought back for new and old fans. They also support journalists, podcasters, and other small creators that bigger companies would ignore.

But what makes most people choose Shudder is that it showcases marginalized voices and independent creators, giving everyone an opportunity in the horror world and bringing their creations to the masses. For example “Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror” is one of the most popular documentaries on the platform.

So, what’s next for Shudder? Well, nothing is set in stone yet, but many workers have been let go and things aren’t looking the best. But, with how intense the fanbase for the streaming service is, maybe there is a chance for it to stay alive. I, for one, am definitely rooting for it to pull through.