Movies that are Christmas movies, but actually aren’t


Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie this time of year? From light-hearted comedies like “Elf” to heartwarming masterpieces such as “Klaus,” and even the endless spew of identical Hallmark rom-coms, there is a Christmas movie for just about anyone. However, what would happen if we broaden the definition of a Christmas movie to allow movies that not only take place around Dec. 25 but also have semi-explicit references to it? The results would be chaotic, to say the least.


Die Hard

When making one of these lists, the action cult classic “Die Hard” is an inevitable inclusion. The movie has tons of festive influence, but it is considered mainly because of the fact that the setting is a holiday party on Christmas Eve. The film follows John McLane, played by Bruce Willis, saving hostages and fighting off the terrorists who took over a business building.



While it is odd that an intergalactic thriller can even be considered a Christmas movie, the film does take place during Christmas. The prequel to “Alien” even shows a Christmas tree with Idris Elba’s character living it up next to it. As stated earlier, the film acts as a prequel to Ridley Scott’s classic “Alien,” explaining many things about the original, including the evolutionary origin of the infamous xenomorph. There is gore, so it might not be recommended for the squeamish.


Iron Man 3

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may have gotten its first official Christmas special in the form of “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” this year. This was technically their first Christmas movie, but some may consider “Iron Man 3” as the first Marvel holiday film. The movie takes place during the holiday season, there is snow, and characters are shown giving gifts throughout. The movie follows Tony Stark, played again by Robert Downey Jr., dealing with his trauma from the events of the first “Avengers.”


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Being the kickstarter to one of the most iconic film franchises of all time, there is a fair bit of Christmas magic going on at Hogwarts. Most prominently, the three-minute-long segment of the entire school celebrating the holiday. The film follows 11-year-old Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe, getting enrolled in a wizarding school, meeting new friends, and having his first encounter with the dark lord.


Jurassic World

This may seem like the film that is the most dissociated with Christmas out of the list, but it’s probably the fourth or third most Christmassy movie on the list. The film was slated to take place less than ten days before Christmas, there is snow at the beginning, and the airport has a faint Christmas song playing in the background. It depicts going away to somewhere warm, which is what a lot of families do during the holiday season and has strong themes of family throughout. The film follows Claire Dearing, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, trying to find her nephews with Owen Grady, played by Mario himself, Chris Pratt, while the genetically modified hybrid abomination that is the Indominus Rex tears apart the titular park.


The results of broadening the definition of a Christmas movie have left room for films of wildly varying genres to now be considered holiday favorites. So with all things considered, are you expanding your holiday marathon list?