FVHS Theatre puts on another hit

Anna-Grace Medlin, Editor-in-Chief

Aynsleigh Penland

On Thursday, Nov. 17 the FVHS Theatre Department presented “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” The show ran from Nov. 17-19 earning high praise and a full house on nearly every show. It was a quirky comedy featuring unique characters just trying to survive the holidays under one roof. The main character, Sheridan Whiteside, played by junior Dominic Sicola, is a famous radio celebrity forced to spend the holidays in the house of a nuclear suburban family. The story features appearances from eccentric characters such as a renowned Swiss scientist, played by junior Lilly Bruffy, and a flirtatious British movie star, performed by senior Allyce Keys. Each character was charmingly unique and kept the audience entertained.

Each character was so wonderful that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but mine might have to be Beverly Carlton, due to how this eccentric broadway star’s character was portrayed. Carlton was played by senior Ryan Seaman, who definitely brought this character to life. Between over-the-top accents, bold costumes, and animated movements, it was hard not to love this character.

Of course, the star of the show left an impression on everyone. Sicola portrayed the stuck-up and grumpy Sheridan Whiteside with ease. He commanded the stage and brought the character to life. “I also spent a lot of time establishing personal thoughts for the character that fueled important dialogue and drove the story,” Sicola explained. “I memorized 2 pages a day for about a month, sometimes more, rarely less.” 

Sicola’s hard work definitely paid off. With his character being on stage almost the whole play, it was a lot of work. “I’ve always found acting greatly energizing. Whatever fatigue or anxiety I was feeling always went right away when those lights went up. I didn’t have time to think about the thousands of things burdening my mind, only the thrilling task at hand,” said Sicola.

Even though the play was written in the early 1940s the cast still brought the show to life for audiences of the 21st century. Through the costumes, humor, and animated motions, the cast brought this play together in a way that anyone could enjoy. The play matched all of the cast’s skills so well that it seemed as though the play was designed around the actors’ capabilities.

The 1940s setting also made the costumes, hair, and makeup visually appealing and fun. Each character had a unique style that matched their personality. Lorraine Sheldon, the flirtatious star, sported many glamorous gowns and a chic hairdo with a bold red lip.

While the script and storyline of the play were not my favorites, the actors took their characters and ran with them. Each character had so much thought and care put into it that it made the whole show come to life. Our school’s theater department always puts on a wonderful show and “The Man Who Came to Dinner” was no exception.