Students get no rest from school on Halloween


Halloween is the spookiest time of the year when people light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Kids in somewhat terrifying costumes run through the night requesting candy at each door. During the day, however, these kids will sit aimlessly in class and await the night of Halloween on Halloween itself. Despite Halloween being a holiday, it is not a nationally recognized holiday, therefore, no students will get to relax and truly celebrate the holiday. Although many might wish that Halloween was a national holiday, there is actually no reason for it to be one.

Halloween is mainly celebrated during the cold night which is after school. This is opposed to holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving which are celebrated during the entire day, not just at night. 

Halloween is celebrated at night is actually a part of the problem. A large number of workers have to go to bed early for their jobs meaning they won’t be able to celebrate the holiday to its fullest even if they have children who are excited to go out in their Halloween costumes. 

Teenagers also have to go to bed early due to how early the school day starts. Not many teens celebrate Halloween in a typical manner, but those that do won’t be able to engage in the festivities for that long before they have to rest.

For these reasons, many citizens, mainly parents or those affected by Halloween’s date, wish for Halloween’s date to be moved to Saturday. In 2018 The Halloween & Costume Association started a petition on that petitioned towards making the trick-or-treat part of Halloween happen on a Saturday instead of on Halloween itself. Anyone could join the petition online and sign it. This way, adults and teens don’t have to worry about the amount of rest they will receive after they partake in the holiday, and Halloween itself could be safer.

Until either the date of Halloween changes, or it’s recognized as a national holiday, students and workers alike will have to wait at school or work until the moon rises and the sun falls in order to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.