Video games should be considered sports

If you were to ask people to list off a few sports, they would probably say games along the lines of football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and so forth. Nowadays, a few people might say something a little different from most sports. That sport is video games, or esports as they are known. While some may not think of it, I believe esports should be considered a real sport.

First of all, games played at esports events are usually as competitive as other sports. Tournaments for games like “League of Legendsand “Super Smash Bros. Melee” often have large sums of cash for prizes to incite competition, along with the inherent desire to be the best. Fans watching also cheer for their favorite player or team in ways very similar to football fans would.

Secondly, players that participate in esports do physical training, despite it not being necessary to participate in the sport. According to, players need a healthy diet and exercise as, “It promotes concentration and reaction time, both essential factors for success in both competitive and hobby esports.” Just because the actual sport isn’t physically demanding does not mean that players skimp out on physical training.

Some disagree with the notion that video games are sports because of the lack of physical activity while playing. Esports is one of the sports that are the least physically active since the game is on a computer screen. However, this should not be counted against them because there is still physical training and dieting involved in the training for esports events.

In conclusion, esports should be considered to be on par with other sports because of their competitive nature and the necessary physical training. A simple solution is for society to stop looking down on esports as a whole.