Color Guard begins an excellent season

 The FVHS color guard has received outstanding scores in all of its competitions. Although they do not perform with instruments, they are still an integral part of the marching band. 

Color guard’s main purpose is to interpret music performed by the band and allow audience members to experience a visual performance. 

They accomplish this by performing choreography alongside the band with various props and equipment. The performance does not distract from the band but rather emphasizes each aspect of the music. 

Freshman Violetta Stratis said, “My favorite thing is learning flag work, especially tosses, and performing at competitions.”

Competitions are held at various schools where marching bands from around the county go to compete. 

Senior Anysah Meneau said, ¨I enjoy getting to meet and befriend new people from other band programs.¨

FVHS hosted its own competition on Oct. 15, called Festival of Bands, where the marching band performed an exhibition. 

The color guard has been successful in placing high at all of its competitions.

Their first competition was held on Sept. 29  at Cleveland High School where they placed first in their class. On Oct. 22, they placed second in their class at Sanderson High School.

To prepare for these competitions they have combined practices with the marching band. After, the team focuses on sections of the choreography that they struggled with.

¨We do a silent run-through of the show, where we listen to the music and go through the routines in our heads,¨ said Meneau.

On Oct. 29, the FVHS marching band is planning to compete at James Madison University. 

 Stratis said, “I think everyone is really excited for (the competition) because it’s in Virginia.” The color guard is hoping to perform well and place high.