FVHS drama page starts controversy


Maya Kopczak, News Writer

A week ago, an account was made called @fvhs_drama on Instagram. It immediately received attention from hundreds of followers from students at school. The account did receive backlash due to some of the content.  The owner of the account agreed to do an anonymous interview.

“I got a lot of negative backlashes, and it was mostly from the people that posted on the page,” they said.

Many people were upset at the person running the account; however, the account receives all of its information through Tellonym. Tellonym is a messaging app it was originally created to receive and give anonymous feedback. 

In fvhs_drama’s Instagram bio they provide a Tellonym link.

“I didn’t write the drama, other people did. I also made it clear multiple times that if someone asks, I will delete the post,” they said. 

Due to this account being made, many friendships and relationships were put at risk due to rumors and gossip. 

Junior Alayna Fischkelta said, “The account negatively affected my relationship and some of my friendships but also helped me grow closer to some people.”

Some things posted about other students on the drama page included words like “homewrecker,” “cheater,” or even “racist.” 

“Many untrue things were said about me,” said Fischkelta.

Sophomore Aria Brown said, “Being posted on the account didn’t affect me much, but it did just put my name in people’s mouths.”

Something like a drama page gives students the anonymity to say whatever they want about whoever they want and in the end, it just harms both parties. 

Many people took the newfound anonymity as a way to cyberbully. Having an account solely dedicated to “drama” can have that effect. When people have the platform to make up whatever they want, have it be posted, and believed by others, it can create a toxic environment. Cyberbullying can lead to poor academic performance, mental health issues, and even the urge to drop out of school.