Does everyone deserve a trophy?


Trophies, an object once used as a memento of one’s accomplishments, are now given out just for showing up. Which brings up the modern-day debate: does everyone deserve a trophy?

Trophies are a way to separate the best from the rest; however, today’s soft world makes every kid feel special. They give trophies to everyone which takes away from the people who have actually earned them through hard work, dedication, and natural skill.

Just like anything, motivation helps one to achieve their goal. However, if kids are being taught, no matter how good or bad you are, they’re just as good as everyone else, you’re setting them up for failure. In the real world,  there is competition and not everyone wins. For example, say you’re applying for a job. You have put time into your resume, and you do your best at the interview so that you have the best chance to get the job. You may or may not get the job, but either way, you learn from the experience and come back better. This is a very important lesson that sports and any form of competition can teach you. Learn from your mistakes and come back stronger.

However, if you just half try and don’t prepare for the interview or put any effort into your resume, they most likely won’t hire you. When this happens, the individual will not know how to cope because they have been taught no matter how they do they win. Thank you participation trophies. This also relates to childhood competition because some people may not have to try that hard during the interview because they are naturally outgoing: however, in the end, the one who will get the job or win the game is the one who puts in the most effort.

In conclusion, competition is a great way to learn important life lessons when it comes to learning from your mistakes, knowing improvement takes effort, and more. But giving trophies to everyone, deserved or not, takes away from these lessons and is starting our next generation unaware and not ready for the real world.