Keeping your pets safe on Halloween

Halloween is a great time of year for people to dress up, eat candy, and go out with friends. However, the holiday is much less fun for pets, especially black cats. For hundreds of years, black cats have been associated with witchcraft and Halloween, and most notably, bad luck. This association can put these friendly felines in danger. In the true practice of witchcraft, there are no animal sacrifices to be found. Paganism and Wicca, both of which involve the practice, are about the appreciation of Mother Nature, and how much she does for us. Despite all this, there are people who do, sadly, use these poor creatures as a part of their twisted rituals.

So, what can you do to keep your cat companion safe this October? Most importantly, keep them inside. Regardless of color, your cat is less likely to be stolen or go missing if they are kept inside.

 Besides the risk of being catnapped, cats of all kinds face other dangers during the Halloween season. When it comes to candy and trick-or-treaters, make sure the only ones getting candy are humans. Most candies contain a sweetener called xylitol, which is extremely harmful to both cats and dogs. 

Keeping with the trick-or-treater theme, constant doorbells and knocking can stress out your pet. Try putting up a “Do Not Ring” sign on your door, or even sitting outside your house and giving out candy instead. 

Additionally, opening your front door constantly can give your pet several chances to slip out throughout the night. If needed, creating some sort of temporary barrier to keep your animals inside can help. To ensure your feline and canine friends are comfortable during the night of frights, make sure they have a comfortable area in the house where they can relax and feel safe.

Regardless of the risks, your pet faces on Halloween, it can still be an enjoyable holiday. If you have nothing better to do, cuddle up with your pet and spend the night watching as many Halloween films as your streaming services have to offer.