Team Sports stays active

In high school we all love our electives. But the one elective we all love and want as every period for everyday of the week is gym, more specifically team sports.

Deborah Clarke is one of our team sports teachers here at Fuquay, and she loves to see the effort her students put into her class.

 “It’s nice to have a class that at least tries. It’s first period, teenagers are tired, but after warm ups and running the track they get after it,” explained Clarke. 

Clarke is one of the longest tenured coaches here at Fuquay, and she really enjoys teaching team sports. She loves to talk about her students in these classes. 

“ It’s a lot of fun. These students choose this elective because they want to be up doing something for 90 minutes, and it makes for a great atmosphere,” said Clarke. “There are not a lot of one-man shows in my classes. Most of the students are team players.” 

Lance Edwards is another amazing team sports coach who loves to see competition between his students.

“Some are more competitive than others, it depends on the makeup of the class, but generally speaking they are really competitive. Even though this year’s classes are competitive, they also have great sportsmanship,” said Edwards

Edwards, a fanatic of sports, loves to teach volleyball.

 “It’s a sport where a higher percentage of the kids can be successful and show growth throughout that sport more than others,” said Edwards. 

Team Sports is such a fun class and almost everyone enjoys it. It helps teach you something about different sports, the rules for them, and helps you stay active. For your next elective choice, you might want to think about registering for this class.