Let’s cheer for our orange and black

The Bengals cheerleading team is in full force, hyping the crowd at the fall football games. School cheerleaders’ primary role is supporting the other athletic programs by leading the crowd at games and pep rallies, as well as promoting school spirit overall. Here at Fuquay, the cheer squad supports both our football and basketball teams.

Senior Alyssa Boiling shared, “I truly love to cheer on FVHS’s football and basketball teams. I also love our OC!”For Boling, cheer has been something she has enjoyed for many years. “I have to say my favorite part of FVHS cheer is my teammates. We are all like one big family and are always there to support one another in cheer, in school, and outside of school,” said Boling.

Senior Devyn Roseman made the leap to cheer after discontinuing gymnastics   “I saw it as the next best thing. Now I love it,” Roseman stated.

Many things inspire us in life and cheerleading is no exception. “My biggest inspiration has been my high school coach, Ms. Furse. She has really inspired me to take cheerleading seriously. Although she’s been strict and tough as a coach, her love for cheer has created my own passion,” said Boling.

Senior Kenzie Pennington isn’t new to cheer. She first started at the age of five and has been actively cheering for school football. She has also done some All-Star classes over the years. Pennington expressed inspiration from her cheer coach stating, “My cheer coach inspires me. She always wants the best for us and fights for us,¨ said Pennington.   In November, the cheerleading team will participate in its first pre-states cheer competition. “Our team will attend 4 competitions this year where we will showcase our cheer routine,” said Pennington                                                          

Much like taking the field or the court in other sports, cheerleading comes with some stress. “Competitions can be very stressful,” stated Boling, “We only have one chance of hitting a perfect routine where no stunts take a fall, and our tumbling is clean. I truly love them because it’s our chance to show everyone the hard work we put on daily.” 

Since COVID began, cheer competitions have been slim; however, everyone is excited to get back to full capacity this year. “I love the adrenaline rush I get before I step onto the mat and the feeling after we come off,” stated Roseman, “I am most excited to spend my senior year with my cheer family and end my high school cheer career on a high note. Senior night is definitely going to be tough.”

This will be junior Mariana Linares’s first-time attending competitions with the FVHS cheer team, and she is excited because of all the hard work and effort they put into their routines. “I love competitions. The feeling before a competition is something you cannot imagine until you have lived through it. The excitement you get when you are about to go onto the floor is incredible. I have so many emotions and thoughts all at once, and it’s the best feeling ever,” said Linares.

Each teammate has their own reasons they keep coming back to cheer. “Getting our new routine last month, our stunts advancing to a higher level, team standing tucks, and getting chosen to be a captain have been some of my highlights so far,” reflected Boling. Boling has a sister who attends UNC Charlotte and is a part of the cheer team there. “I plan on continuing cheerleading at the college level and hope to attend UNC Charlotte so as well,” said Boling. 

Linares also plans to continue her cheerleading career post-high school. “I hope to attend UNC or NC State which both have really good cheer programs,” said Linares. 

Roseman and Boling are definitely aligned with their excitement over the FVHS cheer team. “I want people to know that we are a great and encouraging group of girls. We just want to be there to support one another and our school. It’s my favorite part of my day where I get to go and focus on the sport and team I love,” said Roseman.