Fuquay excited for Halloween

With Halloween coming soon, staff and students are anticipating the holiday in many different ways. Some teachers are decorating their classroom doors with various Halloween decorations.

The school is hosting a couple of Halloween-related events for the occasion. Some include Interact Clubs Fall Festival and FCCLA’s Trunk or Treat event. The Fall Festival is on Nov. 3 and Trunk or Treat is set for Oct. 29.

“Ever since the idea of trunk or treat got more popular, I’ve loved going to the events. I and my girlfriend are planning on going this year,” said senior Logan Livingston. 

The Trunk or Treat event takes place in the staff parking lot off Main Street. It’s an all-age activity that will have trunks, treats, and activity stations. You can RSVP to this event here, google.docs.com 

The Fall Festival is a carnival type of event. Things like apple bobbing, potato sack racing, cornhole, and face painting are some of the things to expect at the festival. It’s an all-ages family event where anyone can have fun. 

As well as Halloween events, many students are anticipating the holiday in other ways too. 

Senior Julio Zarate-Sanchez said, “I am going to do matching costumes with my girlfriend Gianna. I am going as Jason and Gianna as Freddy Kruger. We are planning on handing out candy to kids in Gianna’s neighborhood.”

FVHS is very excited about Halloween and all that comes with it.