Clubs to join this year: Robotics

Katrina Guillen, News Writer

The club fair was held on Oct. 7, during A and B lunches.  Members of the Photography club, Art club, Board Game club, Middle Ground Politics, and other clubs were seen outside, giving out information to students on how to join these clubs, and how to fully participate and be a part of the team. 

People in clubs have the chance to learn from their fellow peers, and most importantly, attain new perspectives. There are lots of clubs, particularly for students in minority groups, creating a safe space for most. Black Student Union, Safe Space Club, Latinos Unidos, and Indigenous Peoples’ Association are just a few here at Fuquay. 

These clubs are not only helping students, but they are also helping people notice real issues going on in the world. Black Student Union is a club that notably discusses racism, from microaggressions to systematic racism. This club is taking a real step forward towards new, progressive ideals.

When students are around others that share the same life experiences as them, it can establish a good sense of community.

“Students can express themselves through culture by being who they are without worrying about everyone else around you. Students should learn the language, learn the foods and recipes, learn the music, learn the dances and enjoy themselves. People of Latin background are blessed with such an array of different foods and music that there is always something new to learn and experience,” said Jorge Santiago, the adviser of Latinos Unidos.

Latinos Unidos is a club that promotes an expression of Latin culture without judgment. It is a great club for Latino and non-Latino students alike.

 “My favorite aspect of Latino culture is the comradery. You could meet people for the first time and still have the greatest time of your life. In general, people are very receptive, open, and caring, and they always make sure you have food in your belly and enjoy yourself,” said Santiago.

It can be hard for some to gain an understanding of who they really are, and what cultures they are a part of. Despite this, learning more about yourself can be revitalizing.

“Everyone takes their time. I know people who didn’t feel “comfortable” being Latino until college and it was something each and every one of them wishes they could have experienced earlier. So there really is no timeline, but it won’t happen until you open your mind and let yourself experience everything culture has to offer,” Santiago remarked.

There are also Clubs that are based on certain hobbies and activities. Robotics Club is for students who are interested in using technology and creating new things with the materials they are given. Constantly being engaged in these small activities, students in this club will bond with each other, making new friends in the process. 

“I love being in Robotics Club because it welcomes all types of people, and I love working with my friends to create something big, and something that could change the world,” said freshman Yug Sarin.

The Robotics Club has an upcoming competition on Oct 15, in Chapel Hill. They plan on bringing their new robot “Tangerine” to the competition. The robot is built with a small frame and is able to function in different ways. Members of the club and adviser Norman Dion are highly anticipating a win.